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From : Penny

Simone Stevens and Temescal Tots were the best thing that could have happened to our family when we were searching for daycare for our (at the time) 7 month old daughter. It was a hectic phase for our family: my husband was commuting from Oakland to school at UC Davis and I was working 11 hour days at a start up company. Maddy was going to be spending a lot of time in daycare. The question was where? Simone’s home daycare made sense in so many ways. To make life easier for parents, she had long hours, and provided a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the kids. No need to pack food each day, so a real time saver. Most importantly, for our daughter, Simone’s house was essentially a second home. Maddy never seemed to feel that she was “out all day” away from home. She was just spending time with her extended family, Simone, her husband Spencer, and the other daycare kids, in a similar way she would have if we’d had local grandparents to watch her. At the end of the day, when I would come to pick her up, she didn’t run for the door. Instead, she’d keep playing with toys, or want Simone to finish reading a book. And finally when we did prepare to leave there were many rounds of hugs to be given, not just one. Miss Simone and Mr. Stevens each received at least two big squeezes from her strong little arms. It still makes me tear up when think of how happy Maddy was there. Thanks Simone and Temescal Tots!

From: Erika

Our daughter started at Temescal Tots when she was around 15 months old. We had previously had her with a nanny at our house. The social interaction she got at Temescal Tots brought her out of her shell. She started talking more and was so excited to go to school each day. She started sleeping better and even became interested in potty training when she saw the older kids using the potty. We look back on our year and a half at Temescal Tots with fond memories. We still keep in touch with Temescal Tots by sending photos and updates from time to time. What a wonderful place!

From: Dr. Sara Troyani

My husband and I visited tens of local daycares and knew we had found “the one” the minute we were welcomed by Simone Stevens and family into their lovely home. We were struck by Simone’s warmth, professionalism, and knowledge of infant and child development and happy to find the children enjoying story time, being led in social-emotional learning, and engaged in interest-driven play and exploration. The primary spaces used by the children include a bright and open living room with well-organized and stimulating books and toys (our son, who started as an infant and stayed on until preschool, especially enjoyed the blocks, puzzles, and dinosaurs) at the children’s eye-level as well as a new outdoor play gym and slide in the backyard. For little ones spending the workday away from home, I cannot recommend a more special place in which to learn and grow.

From: Alicia & Omar Staples

“I highly recommend Temescal Tots for anyone seeking a warm, loving and fun environment. My son Myles started at Temescal Tots when he just turned 2 years old. Before finding Temescal Tots I enrolled my son in two other daycare facilities and it just didn’t seem to be the right fit for him. As a first time mother, I wanted to ensure that my son received the love and care and personal attention he was used to at home. As such, Temescal Tots felt more like a family environment rather than a sterile daycare facility. Myles was the kind of child that was hesitant with people he didn’t know and needed a little extra TLC…well a lot of TLC. When his teacher Miss Simone would greet him in the mornings her warm hugs made him smile and his teary morning goodbyes eventually turned into “a cheery wave and… bye mommy.” Miss Simone did a great job at balancing stimulating learning activities inside with fun play outside. I loved that Miss Simone would text me pictures to let me see that Myles was transitioning so well, having fun and participating in activities. Taking that extra step raised my comfort level tremendously and gave me a piece of mind to actually “see” him interact with friends rather than just rely on hearing how his day went at pick up. I felt like I could still be a part of his day and not miss milestones such as him riding a bike or sharing a hug with a friend. I do not think we would have gotten the personal attention we did in a big “center.” In addition to the fundamental principles of learning, the environment at Temescal Tots also provided a great sense of community with the diversity and inclusion and recognition of all cultural traditions whether through art, music or dance. My sons experience at Temescal Tots prepared him with the necessary social skills and introductory alpha and numeric skills for preschool. Miss Simone was even kind enough to provide me with some great recommendations for preschool. We can’t thank Miss Simone enough for continuing to pay it forward with kids that have left Temescal Tots and continuing to provide information and resources for their continued success. We still get periodic text and emails from Miss Simone checking on our little Myles. Again I would recommend Temescal Tots to anyone wholeheartedly.”

With much Gratitude,
Alicia & Omar Staples

From: Parisa

The best preschool ever!!! My daughter attended ages 1-4. Provides Top notch curriculum, love, gentle care, and very family oriented. Most of all provides a safe environment,I have never had an incident or heard of any incidents whatsoever. I must say Temescal Tots planted the foundation in my child and if it were not for her attending the preschool she would not be where she is to day! Ms. Simone makes everyone feel like family and we are blessed to have had the opportunity to have her in our lives!!!

From: Siva

Temescal Tots is an Oakland institution going back many years into the simple but highly effective tradition of personal attention, love and caring for our dearest little ones. When we first brought our son to Simone (the proprietor of Temescal Tots) at the age of 14 months after visiting several centers and home-based child cares in Oakland, we found Temescal Tots to have that rare quality of being warm, cozy and personal largely because of how Simone had devised the program and policies. Simone insures that the cohorts are small, has a lot of stimulating activities and books for the children and takes personal care in each and every child. Temescal Tots also provides the children healthy breakfast, snacks and lunches which I must say as a busy parent I have found to be quite convenient. When our son was 2 years and 6 months, we transferred him to a more structured pre-school program and admitted our 4 month old daughter to Temescal Tots. Simone took care my daughter with the same love and care that we had come to expect and with the additional support that my infant needed. Additionally, Simone was able to connect us with fellow parents and share our experiences. If you are looking for a place that can nurture your child while providing the necessary love and caring that they deserve, look no further – Temescal Tots is the place for you!

From: Tonja

I would like to first start off by saying thank you so much Ms. Simone. My son first attended Temescal Tots will he was 2 years old. Byron attended a daycare prior to Temescal Tots and I removed him, so I was in search or a daycare. After visiting daycares I was almost ready to give up, until I came across temescal preschool. I knew the moment I walked in, that this was it! Mrs. Simone and her family were very welcoming. My son has learned so much in the little time be was there. Thank you so much Mrs. Simone for molding Byron into the young man he is now. To this day I still stay in touch with Mrs. Simone and its been 10 years! We love you!

From: Melissa

Once upon a time, my husband, young son (Zeke) and I were enjoying a lovely day at the park when we met the most extraordinary 2 year old (M.) and his father. This child so impressed us that even though we were not yet in the market for childcare, we asked his father where M. spent his days. The response was Temescal Tots. When the time came for Zeke to spread his wings a bit, Temescal Tots was the first place on our list and we were lucky enough to get a spot. Miss Simone’s care has been amazing (kind, nurturing, supportive, fun, attentive) and Zeke moved on to preschool about 2 years later a happy, independent, confident guy, with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to play well with others (at least most of the time). Our second son (Asa), started with Temescal Tots about 4 months ago (age 3 months) and is thriving. We are thrilled with our choice to have both our boys at Temescal Tots.

From: Byron (Tonja’s son)

Thank you for a wonderful time at your preschool. You taught me alot and I made alot of friends. You are the best preschool teacher any little kid can have. You are a big reason I am doing very well in school. Everything we did from nap-time to eating time it was always a good time. Tell everybody I said hi. Have a great summer!! I’ll be sure to visit.